Where’d the week go?


Well, this week really flew by. It’s already Friday.

TBH, this week was tough. I was in a funk. I didn’t sleep good, I had migraines, I didn’t work much–i was hormonal. Like sad, couldn’t get out of bed, crying at random & eating all carbs hormonal. (no i’m not pregnant–but I did test to eliminate that small probability) My hair is falling out in CHUNKS. Post-baby awesomeness, I tell ya. Little things irritated me to the point of rage and on top of it, Knox hasn’t been sleeping the greatest. Blah. I don’t like being like this, I feel helpless because I really can’t control my emotions as much as I try. I want to be happy and peppy and have the energy and drive to get so much done, but I just can’t. I just haven’t been my regular ambitious self, and I hope I come back soon. I hope this dark cloud of heaviness lifts.. I don’t think it’s depression, maybe a small bout of PPD???, but I know myself–if I let it go too long, it’ll get worse. Sooo, I am just going to pray, rest, do what I can without beating myself up, and hopefully the sun will come out soon 🙂 If not, I may go see a doctor–get my hormones checked, make sure everything is good.

So as much as I would like to impress you with awesome pictures, cool stories,  new recipes  and fun places we went this week–I just don’t have any. Susie Homemaker & Positive Peggy got shoved in a closet & Negative Nancy came to visit. I stayed home & some days I even stayed in my pajamas all day and was a bore–and my kid got mac n cheese for more than one meal…*sighhh* As much as I’d like to pretend I have it all together, I didn’t this week & I’m just keeping it real.

So, cheers to a happy weekend and new week *clink*!

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