Weekly Recap 9/14 & random thoughts.


This week went by so fast. I can hardly believe it is Friday, already. I love those types of weeks. 

The week started off kinda rough. Monday I literally did nothing. I spent all day in pajamas, caught up on Top Chef & was kind of in a post-vacation funk. Ever been in one of those? You have so much to do–unpacking, laundry, getting back into a routine–but you just don’t want to do any of it. So I didn’t. 

Also? I ate horrible on vacation, so I really cleaned up my eating this week. I actually think I got sort of a stomach bug while on vacation (either that or my body was just reacting to eating food I don’t normally eat–like sushi, or Chilis) Either way, this week was filled with lots of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, & healthy fats. I cut out junk, sugar, fatty foods, and am feeling much better about it today. 

I got to spend most of my days taking care of “The Adorable”:

& I didn’t really have to go into the office, which was nice. I tackled a wicked long home list including deep cleaning the kids bedrooms, mopping & dusting the living room, cleaning out the fridge, organizing our laundry room, cleaning out the junk drawers, & doing about 283,399 loads of laundry. Approximately.

I still have the master bedroom to do…sigh. It’s kinda the ground zero of our house. I want to redo it SO bad. I want to make a headboard (thanks, Pinterest.), paint, get some drapes, rearrange, put in hardwood floors & get a new bed set. But my ambitions don’t quite match up with my budget, so hopefully I’ll figure something out to do on the cheap. 

I need to start working out again. I was working out like a ninja, but it seems like once I hit that pre-preg weight and then lost about 10 MORE pounds, I kinda gave up and have just been maintaining. I’m not unhappy with my weight, but I miss being in shape, and my body definitely needs some toning. The smoke we’ve had has really prohibited me from running outdoors, so I may just have to go to the gym or get with it at home. 20 minutes a day? That’s my goal. Weight training and/or cardio every day this week, rest day (next) Saturday. I can do it. My abs, thighs & arms will thank me. 

Another random thought. I got up early this morning and it felt SO good. I was up at 5, drank Spark & some coffee (it was cold, and I ended up with some serious morning jitters), but then Evan & I got to hang out, we talked about some plans we have for the house this fall, we ate breakfast together, did a TV devotion and got to hang out with Ben ALL before he had to leave for work at 7:30. It was amazing and set a wonderful tone for the day. I miss getting up early–definitely need to do it more often. 

Tomorrow we head out for a grocery trip. I never did Evan’s birthday dinner that I was planning, so I’m thinking of getting some exotic ingredients for a new recipe to try. Haven’t found one yet though, but you can bet it will be healthy & delicious. And dessert-I’m the world’s worst baker, but I’m thinking at trying my hand at some macaroons (healthy & possibly raw or vegan). Still undecided, so I’ll letcha know 😉 I’m also introducing food to Knox this week, so there’s sure a lot of excitement going on in the food front, no? 

I gotta run, my 3 year old is begging to play Hide & Seek. I’ll be back Monday! Have a fantastic week, my zero readers.. haha. 

Something to ponder on:

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