Knox 4 Months

Well, Knox, you are 4 months old! 
I seriously cannot believe its been that long since you came into our lives, it really feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital anxiously awaiting your arrival. At the same time, it feels like you’ve been with us all along. Like how were we ever a family without you? 
It has been SO MUCH FUN to watch you grow over the past few months. You are developing at lightning speed (compared to your brother, who took his own sweet time). 
here are some “stats”:
-Your appointment isn’t until next week, but I think you weigh 15-16lbs & are about 24 inches long. You are CHUBBY! I love it! I call you my squishy, because you are. You are SO squishy. haha. 
-You are in 6 month clothes (told you you are chubby)
-Size 2 Diapers
-You sleep through the night
-You take 6-8 oz bottles every 3-4 hours (have I mentioned you are chubby?)
-You try so hard to roll over.
-You love grabbing for toys, you absolutely love your jumper & play mat. You stayed in your playmat for over an hour yesterday. You played and played, took a small powernap, then woke up and played some more! 
What I love is seeing your personality bloom. Besides doing the normal growing & developing,  your personality is really starting to show. 
First, you have the sweetest heart. You don’t cry. All babies cry, right? You don’t. Maybe when you’re hungry, but I can read your cues usually before you start screaming. You are just the most laid back, relaxed, & content baby. There will be times I go to check on you when you are napping, and you will be wide awake, playing with your hands or just looking around. When someone smiles at you, you flash them the biggest Knox grin or giggle. You love personal interaction. I could spend hours laughing with you, talking to you, reading you a book, and it makes you so happy! You coo back, smile back, laugh back.. it’s amazing. Even though you love toys, you love faces & personal interaction more!
I love the way you watch your brother. Whenever Benjamin is in the room your eyes are glued to him, intently watching his every move. If I were to read your thoughts, I’d like to suppose you wish you were up and playing with him… soon enough, baby. 😉 
You are a blankie boy! Just like your brother & your mama. It drives your daddy crazy because he’s in a house full of people who love their “blankies”. If there is a blankie even remotely close within range, you will grab it and snuggle with it. So cute. You love your Aden & Anais blankies, most. 
You adore bathtime. You are practically an opposite infant than your brother (I’m sure that will change). Ben hated his bath, but you love it. It calms you down, you love the water, to splash, and have the water run over your head. You smile, giggle or are just completely content. It’s a routine that mommy & daddy always give you your bath together, and while we enjoy it, we are excited for when you are older & can bathe with Benjamin. For now its our little bonding time. 
A couple other randoms- you are starting to dislike your binky more and more. You love watching the dog, Charlie. You have a little eczema spot on your cheeks. You still love your Rock & Play Sleeper- we tried moving your chubbiness to a bassinet because you’re outgrowing the sleeper, but you weren’t having it. 
Lastly, food. I’m so excited to introduce you to solids. I think I may wait another month or so, but we’ll see. You’re a hungry fella! I’m going to be making all your baby food and am excited to see what I come up with. We’ll probably start off with vegetables.. peas, sweet potato, green beans, carrots.. I also want to introduce avocado to you early and then fruits.. bananas, apples, pears, peaches. But right now I’m still exclusively pumping so you’re getting all the breastmilk you need. I know that’s still going to be your primary source of nutrition, but as much as you grab for stuff and watch us intently as we put food in your mouth, you seem anxious to try some too! 
I love you more than words will ever be able to express. I can honestly say I’m enjoying every “stage” we’re in. I used to be so anxious to get to the next stage and rush through the infancy phase, but I’m loving every moment this time around. You are such an integral part of our family, and have already been impacting our lives in such a positive way. My heart melts into a pile of mush everytime I see you smile at your brother, or every time your Brother says, “I love you, Knox” and kisses you on the head. And while I’m enjoying every moment ‘in the now’, I’m excited to watch you grow. I’m excited for the day you and Ben can play together and fight together. I’m excited to learn more about the person you are–your likes, your dislikes, watch as your gifts and talents develop. What’s your love language? Are you a Type A personality? Are you going to be shy or outgoing? What’s your sense of humor going to be like? Are you going to be gifted in music, evangelism, sports, music, public speaking..? I can’t wait to learn & discover those things. One of my earnest prayers is that the brotherly bond between you and Benjamin will be strong and unbreakable. That you would be an encouragement to one another and have a lifelong companionship. I also pray that I could show you Jesus Christ at a young age. That you would desire him as a youth & have a heart to obey and serve Him. That he would be your Lord & Saviour & you would worship him all the days of your life. I know I can’t protect you from everything, there will be times you fall and fail, and I will have to let you do it, but I pray you will always turn to Jesus. I will fail you, I will not always communicate love the way I should, I will fall short, though not intentionally. But God won’t, He will never leave you, never fail you, never forsake you. And in all my humanly power, I will always be here for you, I will do my best to love you, protect you, serve you, and train you up in the Lord. I will always love you, Knox! 

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