Labor Day

Evan taking Ben on one of the roller coasters

Where I live, Labor Day is the biggest holiday of the year. It just so happens that the town I live in happens to host the biggest holiday of the year. There’s a rodeo, carnival, parade, fair and concert.

Saturday we went to the livestock auction (our family business buys a pig or steer or sheep from the 4H). Afterwards we hit up the carnival and took Ben on some rides.

Sunday we went to church, then Ev (my husband) took Ben (our 3 year old) to a mud bogg. I wasn’t in the mud bogg mood, so I stayed home with Knox (the 4 month old). That night we went to a friends house and roasted marshmallows & listened to the concert from afar. Our kids played and a good time was had by all.

Monday we had a barbeque with my parents.

I am still recovering from the weekend. It is SO smokey here. There are wildfires on every single side of our town. It’s difficult to breath, I’m tired a lot, have a constant sore throat & dull headache. I was training for a 5K but can barely get a half a mile before I’m wheezing. Today my plan is to clean my house. I hate cleaning my house, but it must be done. Laundry & dishes are out of control & I feel better all-round when my house is tidy & clean. 
Here’s a thought for the day:

What are you doing today that will impact your tomorrow?

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